New year, new post!

So, it seems it’s that time of year I make a new post.

No one will read it, and I’ll do nothing with it, but I’m keeping this domain dang it.

I’m also starting to look into how I could make money from photography. I think I just like the idea, but I have no real experience in practise, so I may hate it.

I think I’ll just try to cover Adobe CC costs (~$800 AU per year). If I can do that each year, I’m very happy.

Lets see if I can make $800 in 2019!

Good luck me!

Does getting wisdom teeth removed make you stupider?

I had two impacted wisdom teeth removed on Monday and it’s now Friday.

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I’m still in a fair amount of pain, enough to be on prescription pain killers.

The dental nurse told me, as I was leaving, that anything over 22 is old for dental surgery. The surgeon had told me months ago, at the appointment to arrange this surgery, that if I’d got this done at 18 (like his daughter) my recovery would be 2-3 days, but as I’m mid-thirties it will be closer to 10.

Me, assuming I know more than a trained professional, well I thought “It can’t possibly take that long”. But now I know better.

I’ve learnt to sleep sitting up on the couch as lying down makes my gums throb. I tried on the second night after the operation and I woke up having to spit out a fair amount of blood. Yum.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the time when this is all healed and I don’t have to worry about the chronic infection I had in one tooth for about the last 6 years. That will be nice. But for now, pass me the pills and scotch.

Almost 2016!

So, 2016 will be the year I actually use this blog.

What for? I don’t know!

I came here to write

For a very long time I’ve thought I’d use this site to write things.

Hopefully people would read them and the cycle would continue.

I’ve finally sat down to write and my mind is blank.

This is a terrible first update after a massive break. It’s essentially a boring tweet, but goes on for too long.

I’ll update with more soon. Maybe. Soon is subjective.

New year, new site, new host.

New, new, new.

It’s a brand new year, one that has never happened before.

New site, well new Word Press theme and all the blog posts from the past are gone (all one or two of them).

New hosting provider. I’ve done some hosting consolidation and cut my hosting bill in half, so that’s a good thing. Now to do something with this blog.